Keynote Speakers

This year we will be hosting keynote speakers aligned with our theme, Shining through the fog, advancing teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics and statistics

We have assembled an exciting group of invited speakers, refer below for confirmed keynote speaker details


Sandra Laursen, Ph.D.
Co-Director and Research Associate in the Ethnography & Evaluation Research (E&ER) center at University of Colorado

Sandra Laursen is co-director of Ethnography & Evaluation Research (E&ER), an independent research unit at the University of Colorado Boulder that studies higher education and career development in science, engineering and mathematics (

Her research interests include underrepresentation of women and people of color in the sciences, inquiry-based teaching and learning, and organizational change in higher education.

Laursen has published chemistry curriculum manuals and journal articles in chemistry, education, gender studies, and the Journal of Irreproducible Results, co-directed a documentary film, and recorded a CD with Resonance Women’s Chorus. She earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. E&ER Profile

University of Queensland
Sponsored by the University of Queensland

  John Rice

Professor John William Rice
Professor of Mathematics at Sydney University

John Rice is Executive Director of the Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) and an honorary professor of mathematics at Sydney University. He was the inaugural president of the Council from 1995-1998 and served again as president from 2006 - 2008. His mathematical interests are in differential and algebraic geometry.

As Executive Director of the ACDS from 2008 he established its annual teaching and learning conferences and more recently the ACDS Teaching and Learning Centre. These have created a national forum for teaching and learning leaders in university science and mathematics, and a high profile for the ACDS in teaching and learning policy.

  John Rice

Professor Marcelo C. Borba
Professor of Mathematics at State University of Sao Paulo

Marcelo C. Borba is a professor of the graduate program in mathematics education and of the mathematics department of UNESP (State University of Sao Paulo), campus of Rio Claro, Brazil, where he chairs the research group GPIMEM.

His research interests are in the use of digital technology in mathematics education, online distance education, modeling as a pedagogical approach and qualitative research methodology.

Marcelo has served in the education committee of the main research funding agency of Brazil from 2008 till 2011. He is a member of the editorial board of Educational Studies in Mathematics, and an associate editor of ZDM. He gave numerous invited talks around the world, including Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Mozambique, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Colombia, Argentina and United States.

He has been a member of the program committee of several international conferences. He wrote several books, book chapters and refereed papers published in Portuguese and in English. He is the editor of a collection of books in Brazil for the last ten years, which includes 25 books to date.

  John Rice

Professor Merrilyn Goos
Professor of Education at The University of Queensland

Merrilyn Goos is a Professor of Education at The University of Queensland, Australia, where she has worked for 20 years as a mathematics teacher educator and mathematics education researcher. From 2008-2012 she was Director of the Teaching and Educational Development Institute, working with all Faculties and disciplines to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the university.

Her research interests include mathematics teacher education, numeracy education in school and non-school contexts, and teaching and learning in higher education.

She is currently President of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australia and an Associate Editor of Educational Studies in Mathematics.

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