Welcome to Lighthouse DELTA 2013

The ninth Delta conference on the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics and statistics.

Lighthouse DELTA 2013 builds on the knowledge and collegial networks established in previous Delta conferences, a series of biennial southern hemisphere symposia that began in Brisbane in 1997. Delta attracts a wide international audience of mathematicians, educators and researchers committed to improving undergraduate mathematics and statistics education.

The 2013 conference will be held at the Pavilion, in the coastal town Kiama, in New South Wales, Australia. The conference theme, Shining through the fog encapsulates the challenges faced by those with responsibilities for building the mathematics and statistics capacity needed for the 21st century.

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We hope that you enjoyed Delta 2013 as much as we did

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IJMEST Volume 44, Issue 7, 2013
Special Issue for Lighthouse Delta 2013

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Conference Chair

Cristina Varsavsky,
Monash University
Ph: +61 3 9905 4501
Email: 2013 Delta


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